Brivan Biotech has been continuously growing ground presence through its own field force and business channels to bring best pharmaceutical products to the market. Brivan Biotech has a long tradition of successful collaborations and we commit ourselves to aligning our capabilities with business partners. We pride in being easy to work with and look after our partners in order to secure mutual success. Brivan Biotech offers lucrative business opportunities to pharmaceutical distributors, C&F, CSA and stockists agents.

Brivan Biotech wishes to have partnerships with reputed businesses to utilize the best available sources for developing new markets and offer value-added products. We believe these strategic alliances will play an essential role in the future growth of our company.


The business should have good reputation and a strong presence in the domestic market.

Existing business contracts with major pharmaceutical companies is important and preferred, but not necessary.

Ability to have strong network and penetration in local, rural and sub-rural areas in order to have a wider market reach.


While submitting any information or application to Brivan Biotech, the information should be trustworthy and true to the best of knowledge.

Brivan Biotech assumes neither an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the submission nor the identity of the party.

Brivan Biotech makes neither a commitment to evaluate the proposal submitted nor to substitute in anyways.


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Upload scan copy of documents duly signed & stamped

Terms & Conditions

  1. Order is to be placed along with cheque of Order Amount.
  2. Payment Terms
    • In case of Local supplies payment to be done after 7 days from the Date of LR Copy.
    • In case of Outstation supplies payment to be done after 21 days from the Date of LR Copy.
  3. Storage conditions should be in compliance with the statutory requirements as well as the nature of business.
  4. In case of Audit by Government Authorities, provide the required product samples to them as per their requirement & to be intimated to H.O. through Field Staff immediately.
  5. It is mandatory to provide a Stock Statement on monthly basis.
  6. Disputes, if any are subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction only.


To contact Brivan Biotech with an opportunity, please provide a written non-confidential technical overview with sufficient data to allow a thorough preliminary review.

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